Spreading over 247 square meters, this contemporary house in Vilnius, Lithuania, was designed with details in mind. See how the the first floor deck has a cantilevered overhang with round cut-outs to let sunshine through? And see how the interiors are protected with horizontal blinds? Details like this help flood interiors with the perfect amount of light.

A team of three architects – Alda Tilvikaitė , Milda Rekevičienė and Lukas Rekevičius from Aketuri Architektai – worked on creating this modern structure. Integrated into a historic area of Vilnius, in a dense suburban setting, the square home looks clean and functional. Even more, its charm lies exactly in the way building materials and light go together.

The apparent simplicity found in a geometric design like this one was even harder to create since the house was also placed on sloped land. But all the shortcomings finally became strong points, as the structure rises proudly, showcasing its highly modern design dressed in wood.

According to the architects, “The structure comes in contrast with it‘s surrounding architecture – wooden wreckage from the beginning of the 20th century and gigantic residential houses of early Lithuanian independence years that might remind a small school rather than a residential house. Even so, the house remains cultured, eligible and appropriate while firmly stating the new level of architectural value.”

We see in photographs by Norbert Tukaj how the house unfolds over a landscape of old pine trees and slopes. And to think it was built for a family of four!