Margarida Matias of Arkstudio completed the redesign of an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. The updated home has a better layout and shows off a charming mix of rustic and contemporary details.

“Many old houses in Lisbon have inside rooms with no natural light or air circulation,” the architects said. “This project aimed to improve the quality of the space. We achieved this goal by opening a hole in a wall of an interior room without windows.” The result is a seamless connection between the living room and the kitchen.

We love how the architects reinvented this apartment, located in Lisbon’s São Bento neighborhood; you can sense the laid-back spirit of the city within these rooms. At the same time, it exudes a contemporary style, thanks to the carefully chosen furniture and lighting.

In the living room, heavy wooden doors and window shutters are contrasted by a delicate modern chair, black-framed wall art and decorative black birds on the wall. A vintage TV stand goes well with the magazine basket and other tables with a mid-century vibe.

The kitchen is highly modern, with hidden storage and just enough space to cook and enjoy family dinners. The bedrooms provide a feeling of coziness and are in perfect harmony with the rest of this laid-back Lisbon apartment. [Photography by Rodrigo Cardoso]