From counter tops and flooring to sink styles and appliances, find the right kitchen ideas for your tastes.

Wayfair’s Bridal Registry Unveils the Most Popular Wedding Gifts For The Kitchen

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Check Out The New KitchenAid Walmart Kitchen Tools Line

Are you (or is someone you know) obsessed with the classic KitchenAid stand mixers and the colors they come in? You'll love the brand's latest collab with Walmart. The new and exclusive KitchenAid Walmart line of modern utensils and kitchen gadgets comes in fashion-forward colors at a budget-friendly price.

Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Countertops

If you hate your countertops — kitchen, bath, bar, or garage — but you’re not ready to pony up the money required to get granite, take heart. There are other alternatives, probably cheaper than the tax you would pay for granite, to transform countertops. And the news gets even better.

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What you Need to Know About Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens are sleek and stylish, although they may not be for everyone.  Some people prefer farmhouse or transitional kitchens, and the debate rages on regarding the kitchen work triangle and whether you should use hardwood floors in kitchens.  However, we can all agree that the industrial…

Is the Kitchen Work Triangle an Outdated Design Rule?

The kitchen work triangle has been the standard by which we measure good design and functionality. Whether you paid attention in your trigonometry class or not, you probably knew the basics of the kitchen triangle. It connects the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. According to guidelines from the Nat…

Bad Kitchen Cleaning Habits to Kick in 2020

Want a sparkling kitchen? Kick these bad kitchen cleaning habits in 2019. Image: aydinmutlu/Getty Images Are you freshly invigorated by the new year? We definitely are – and the clean start is motivating us to, well, clean. In the spirit of new year’s resolutions and becoming…

How to: Clean your Refrigerator

If your kitchen is spotless, don’t let your fridge spoil it. Use this guide to clean your refrigerator. Image: JadeNinaSarkhel/Twenty20 The new year always offers a fresh start. Why not take this opportunity to knock out a few to-dos that will help you start the new year…

14 Times Open Shelving Looked Oh-So-Soothing (And How To Bring Order To Your Own Home)

When it’s done right, there’s something about open shelving that is so soothing and aesthetically pleasing. It’s no wonder this look has been trendy for a while and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you’ve been wanting to put this trend in your own home, you…

National Kitchen + Bath Association Reveals Key Design Trends in U.S. Kitchens

Want to know the trendiest styles, colors, materials, finishes, appliances and lighting fixtures in U.S. kitchens? Sure, you do! The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) queried hundreds of designers, remodelers, architects, manufacturers and dealers to discover the most dominant preferences a…