An old 1960s house located in North Brabant, The Netherlands was upgraded by WillemsenU Architects in order to serve the modern living needs of a family of four. The clients wanted more space, as well as a new working area connected to the surrounding landscape. The solution provided by the architects consisted of extending the house on one side. By doing so, extra living areas were created on the ground floor, offering room for the business home office, a garage and a carport. The children’s’ bedrooms on the upper floor were also enlarged as a result of this home update.

Several benefits are provided by the new design: “The existing layout, characterised by somewhat cramped rooms, was transformed into a logical, spacious plan. The living room has been relocated from the front of the house to the rear of the house, where large window openings on two sides of the open living space offer views of the surrounding landscape. Specially designed elements, such as the fireplace and the large kitchen unit that turns into a dining table, divide the open plan into several areas, each with its own ambiance.” Each interior offers different and fascinating nature views, ensuring a healthy family ambiance. [Photography by Hugo de Heij & Culimaat]