When you think of a tiny house, the first image to pop into your head might be one of a small, rectangular home on wheels. However, we know that tiny homes can take on some of the most unique designs — such as the shabby-chic cottage home we recently featured on Freshome.

Tucked into the rural hillside just outside of Turin, Italy, this creative tiny home built by Studioata is anything but ordinary. Its gray stone facade gives it a permanent and stately look, which is balanced by modern architectural details including the home’s crisp lines and all-glass front.

The primary living space opens up to a large porch area that nearly doubles the interior space. It’s the perfect combination of nature and craft.

Speaking of that combination, what’s even more unique is that this home was actually built into the hill. The interior of the home consists of large steps that allow for the grade of the hill underneath.

These steps conceal built-in storage for both large and small items; even the kitchen is stored away within this design. This allows the home, which is just 377 square feet, to maximize its multi-functional use, as well as its views of the water.

The large bathroom has all of the modern amenities: shower, sink and toilet. Even without much window space, this bathroom brings the outdoors in with an earth-toned palette and materials, including a stone shower and hardwood flooring.

A Murphy bed makes the upper space into an instant bedroom, offering stunning views of the water.

Though this space is ultra-modern, its minimalistic design and breathtaking location create a fluid indoor-outdoor relationship. By keeping the layout wide open and designing the large glass opening in the front of the home, this tiny house feels as open and calm as the surrounding hillside.

Images via Beppe Giardino