FiL Books is one of Istanbul’s newest cultural getaways; it’s a photography, art book and coffee shop, where travelers can lose themselves in this vibrant Turkish city.

One major challenge of the project was the relatively small surface (about 860 square feet), which dictated that every corner be optimized. The developing team at Halükar Architecture rose to the challenge, designing the interior to not only be fully functional, but also to exude warmth and comfort.

Filled with personality inside and out, this unconventional bookstore features some interesting design elements: “Maybe the most attractive and defining element in the space is the ‘elephant’s tusk’: a caliber pipe, painted in the corporate color of FiL Books, that goes along the wall and through the furniture,” the architects said. “While this pipe tours the space, it turns into a lighting fixture, a hanger, a sofa arm, a handrail, a bookshelf, a staircase or a couch.”

Clean details ensure that this pipe installation is both aesthetically pleasing and secure. We love how the turquoise lines contrast against the white walls and ceiling, turning the bookstore and cafe into a playful relaxation area filled with enticing visual effects. [Photography by Depikt]