Portland-based architect Ben Waechter and his creative team imagined this modern “glass house” that aspires to offer inhabitants maximum privacy. You might remember the architect’s design of the Oakley House, also in Portland, a home that would re-frame the owner’s idea of “possible”.

The architects have experience with modern home design before. This time, the Pavilion House in Portland was imagined for someone dreaming about a naturally, brightly lit home that supports a private lifestyle. As the architects wondered “how can a glass house offer not only light, but also privacy?”, the solution came to them in the shape of a dining room table.

This household furniture item was the inspiration for a home with a body supported by tall “legs”, as a dining table would have. A rather opaque upper level rests on top of an bright and open living space. While the lower social area is kept private by strategically placed legs , three bedrooms can easily be accessed from the landing on the second floor.

These four rectangular piers sheltering stairs, kitchen, bathroom and storage all support the upper level, but also allow lots of natural light to permeate inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors create a seamless connection to the outdoors. In between them, blocking unwanted views, sit these tall piers. The pavilion-like house in Portland displays polished concrete floors running outdoors to the garden. This open floor plan liberated from burden can be fully open to a flexible lifestyle. Clad in white metal panels with raised seams, the Pavilion House in Portland also looks taller thanks to the vertical stripes.