Kids shoes store design can be something quite inspiring. Including playfulness in its modern interiors, the Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart invite children to interact with the shoe display. Welcoming, bright and visually appealing, the store displays a combination of wood, light and geometry.

Designed by Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK), the modern sneaker store looks warm and inviting. All the elements were imagined for a playful bunch of kids who would enjoy a creative twist when choosing sneakers. Kids footwear for both boys and girls are displayed on one wall, concentrating all the attention on this huge shoe display. Catering to ages from baby to pre-teenagers, the store boldly presents a unique shoe display. Showcased on a honeycomb-reminiscent wall, sneakers illuminated from behind are not the only attraction. The wall itself invites to playfulness.

The client’s need for flexibility of both, the display area and its arrangement, was addressed by a custom-made wall display system. Thus, CNC-bent steel rods and clip fasteners for quick and easy reconfiguration of the 96 wooden panels have been used.”

Located at Paulinenstraße 44, 70178, in Stuttgart, Germany, the attractive store spreads over 60 square meters. Photographs by Daniel Stauch show how the colored wood caps hiding or revealing sneakers can be moved around to create a different landscape each time. As ROK explains, “the unique display arrangement invites kids to play with a subtly integrated cascading disk run while browsing through the shoes on display.”

According to the architects, this interactive display wall is made from natural and painted pinewood: “Similar to a marble run the edge of the display shelving serves as a guide for several colored wooden disks to play with. Although this playful idea is the key aspect of the design, its visual appearance is carefully balanced. The sneakers take center stage in a clean and flexible display and store design that was developed with customers of various age groups in mind.”