In 2010, Jure Kotnik Architecture modified a 1980s kindergarten classroom in Ljublijana, Slovenia to add a colorful and interactive facade.

The project transformed three of the exterior walls of the building with brightly painted wood slats (all locally sourced). The slats added a splash of color to the building and a bit of childlike wonder, too. When they’re spun, they reveal different colors.

The project was designed to give the schoolchildren something to engage with; the existing play equipment surrounding the school was sparse. Multiple children at a time can safely spin the slats while playing outside the classroom. The design also gives children a fun, unique way to learn and practice identifying different colors. It’s almost like the Van der Rohe Farnsworth House has been overtaken by the imaginations of the kindergarteners inside.

From the inside of the classroom, the open slats let natural light flood the room and the combination of light and sliver of color create an airy and upbeat atmosphere. This charming and engaging project transformed an otherwise barren school yard.

We could even imagine using this idea on a smaller scale in a kid’s room or a playroom. Does it give you any ideas?

[Photos by Miran Kambic]