Adam Knibb Architects completed the design of The Beckett House, a private residence located in Crawley, England. The project is a remodel and extension of a charming farm cottage — to take an old farmhouse and bring it to life for the current family with an inspiring modern addition.

Tight planning constraints required a creative approach to the owners’ brief. The family wanted a highly contemporary space that would answer their needs for both privacy and socializing.

“The exterior concept is to have a solid masonry base, represented by render,” the architects said. “The first floor timber box appears to sit lightly on top.” Brick, glass, wood and white stucco create a delightful mix of old and new.

A modern ground level extension was added, which accommodates a bright open plan living and kitchen area. On the first level, the wooden side extension hosts a master bedroom.

“The ground floor extension gives the opportunity for a large vista view to the garden,” the architects said. “Framed with slender frame glass, the aperture gives panoramic views.” [Photos by Martin Gardner]

What do you think of this update? Does it inspire you to mix a bit of the old and a bit of the new?