Inspired by the raw beauty of the villas in Tuscany, Italy, Baraban+ Design Studio completed the design and development of Residence BO, a 985 square-meter house in Kiev, Ukraine. The massive project with its rocky walls, arched windows and organic lines resembles an old castle. At night, the building reflects in the neighboring waters, providing a fairytale-like image. For the interiors, the designers chose original furniture and decorating items, all of which were specially selected in Italy, Germany and France after which they were brought to Ukraine.

The beams and ceilings are made of age-old oak timber and old tapestry from the XIX-th century was chosen to decorate some parts of the project. The castle kitchen boasts a fireplace 1,94 meter tall entirely made from marble. Marble was also used to adorn a well located on the square in front of the house. In the inhabitants’ bedroom, the walls are made of sheet-iron, covered wax, combined with recherch√© textile Loro Piana. In the children’s bedroom, the age-old icons live side by side with Roy Lichtenstein’s drawings. [Information provided via e-mail by Design studio Baraban+; Photo credits: Andre Avdeenko]