Wonderful Slightly Slanted Residence in Poland

Architects Przemek Kaczkowski and Ola Targonska‘s clients for this project were a middle-aged couple who commissioned the architects to build them a home that would care for them even in the old age. The residence was constructed in a suburban are of Wroclaw, Poland’s main southwestern city, on a flat piece of land that allowed the floor plan to be T-shaped and all interior spaces to be placed on one single level, just like the owners wanted. This ensured that there were no stairs to make the journey from one space to another more difficult than it had to be. The single family contemporary residence displays a homogeneous and private facade adorned with wood cladding. The backside however, is totally different: glazed walls ensure views of the elegant and unpretentious garden while a slight elevation removes the need for stairs. Living spaces are connected with a sunny terrace on the outside and with a large, open series of spaces on the inside. A slanted ceiling over the living wing gives the spaces a feeling of openness, while the private wing  offers all the comfort in a bright and cheery atmosphere. Lovely home for a smart couple.