Small One Room Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

Last week I was in Bucharest to meet a few people that I knew from the internet. We spoke for a long time online but we never saw each other in real life, and I’ve decided that right now I could go to visit Bucharest and meet a few of my “digital friends“. Now to avoid paying between 50 & 100 euro/night to stay at a hotel a good friend of mine ( Adi ) took me to his little one room apartment, and how I have a blog about architecture, interior design, furniture, etc …I’ve decided to take some pictures, because I really liked how Adi made that small place look really good. Now let’s take a look at this small one room apartment, that is a great example of how you can make a small apartment look really good.

At night these red lights make a very romantic and calming atmosphere.

Here you can see the bed and a small part of the kitchen …yes I know is very small.

From this picture you can see how small is the kitchen, in that corner of the room.

Inside the small kitchen …only the things you really need.

I know that the picture is a little bit messy, but here is the small office desk from where I’ve accessed the internet in the last week.