Small Contemporary Prefab Home: Easy to Build and Sustainable

Prefab homes are houses that are built just like any other home, with wood and all very durable products, but done so off site. Instead of building the house from scratch on the property, sections of the home are built in warehouses and sent to the location to be assembled. Because of our many comments here on Freshome demanding that we should also share with you guys ideas that are easier to put to practice and homes that are more affordable, today we would like to present a house that fits this requested profile. HIVE Modular is a company that produces and sells prefab modular homes also taking into consideration their design architecture. The buildings are not only unique in style, but very easy to put together (comparing with other type of constructions) and made up of sustainable materials. The project in the pictures below is called “B-Line Small” and it was built with a cost of  $185/sq ft. It has 6 rooms and a total of 990 sq feet. If you are to build this sort of home at a smaller scale, the would be reduced accordingly.