Small Apartment Design with Modern Features in the Philippines

Gabriel? Perez, president of Green Asia Real Estate and Development, sent us photos and information about a relatively small apartment (69 square meters) located in Manila, the Philippines. Here is the description we were sent: ” The owner, despite having a small space, loves to entertain guests and thus configured an open floor layout. The all-white living room features an L-shaped leather couch accented by a steel-mounted Black Emperador marble center table. Above the couch is a circular-patterned mirror piece that hangs opposite the entertainment cabinet. The owner/designer used combination shades to elongate the feel of the space. At night when these panels become a mix of black and white, the shades become an instant focal point.

The dining room is similarly linear with a table for six that uses a glass top to “lighten” the vibe. Above the dining table hangs a customized acrylic chandelier that complements the owner’s clean and stark aesthetic. The leather chairs are accented by steel legs. The ceiling height that spans more than 3meters, accented by cove lighting, gives an airy feel to the space. All across the apartment are jamb-less swing doors to create a seamless look and further open up the space. The bedroom is likewise a play of black and white with huge mirror panels. The ceiling again coves to provide an accent to the all black padded headboard”. Find the design of this small apartment practical?