Private House With a Stylish Interior in L.A. and a Breathtaking View Over the City

This super stunning residence is a project developed by Meridith Baer and La Kaza. Ravishing and gorgeous, the private residence located in the spectacular city of Los Angeles, aims to offer a unique living experience to its inhabitants. The house promises a staggering panoramic view over the city and some of the most exquisite high class facilities: a gorgeous wine cellar, a home theatre room, where you can soak your feet into comfy pillows while watching over and over again your favourite movies, together with your friends, a stunning luxury swimming pool with a wide patio and a refined terrace, on top of all this.

The interior is elegant and airy. The living room opens up to the terrace while one of the bedrooms offers a wonderful view over the swimming pool. Transparence is one of the defining elements that enhance the feeling of freedom. The environments playfully connect, creating a unitary living space. The sophisticated interior meets the relaxing “green scape” that surrounds the house, unveiling a place full of peacefulness. Everything is gorgeously arranged and every element of décor seems built the house’s character.