Nestled Between Cactuses: The Desert Nomad House, Arizona

The Desert Nomad House is an intriguing architecture project designed by Rick Joy and constructed in Tucson, Arizona. With a location tucked away in the desert, the inhabitants of this unusual crib are miles away from the urban racket, in an environment that ensures tranquility and serenity. The compound features three separate structures made of steel and glass: one hosts a bedroom and a small bathroom, the second accommodates a working area with an office and the third one is a living and dining unit. The interiors are highly modern and the generous floor to ceiling windows ensure unobstructed views of the desert. In our opinion, the best aspect about this place is that when you feel the need for outdoor relaxation, you have the whole desert at your feet. This 3 in 1 crib is currently up for sale here for $975,000.  How would you feel about having a permanent living space in a remote desert area? Would it be an upgrade to life in a big city?