Modern Rectangular-Shaped House Boasting an Elegantly-Joyful Interior

Seen first on Architectism, One27 Grovedale is a residential project completed by the architect Mick Rule in the city of Perth, Australia. The house, modern and bright, impresses the viewer with its neat and clean exterior. A fine example of bold and modern architecture (combining successfully elements from the middle of the last century with the latest design trends), One27 Grovedale is both elegant and comfortable. The house opens up to the courtyard, allowing the sun to warm up the interior during wintertime. The floor-to-ceiling glass panels are also very helpful.

“This home consists of a series of basic intersecting and overlapping rectangular boxes with double volume heights creating dramatic spatial relationships inside the open program layout. Each and every box gives a zoned arrangement which is organised about a central void and staircase. Private and shared household spaces flow from this distribution level.”  An interesting exposure of different types of textures and materials characterise the interior. The living room, for instance, boasts neutral furniture items but this sumptuous monotony is interrupted by various colourful decorations (mostly prints and paintings).  The interior is welcoming, joyful and elegant. It it extended outside, through a small terrace, from where you can enjoy the pool view. Photo credit: Craig Sheiles Homes (builder of this home).