Modern House with Hipped Glass Roof in Japan

This clean-lined house designed by Naoi Architecture in collaboration with Design Office caught our attention, therefore we decided to share this project with you, dear readers. Featuring a large hipped glass roof, the construction was nested in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Inspired by nature and adapted to a modern context, the house features only one floor and a garage large enough to accommodate two cars. The living room occupies the centre of the house’s open square plan. Infused with natural light, the entire living space exhales warmth and brightness. The social area can be subdivided by sliding doors when needed, to add sense of privacy.

Anyhow, the design favours really cool views of the surroundings. A set of stairs leads the inhabitants to the inner edge of the sloping roof line. “The entire south side of the hipped roof is a large sky window, where one can enjoy beautiful views of the sky. On the north side, one can enjoy views of the trees and sunlight in the garden under the low eaves. The large hipped roof, which is the main design feature, is constructed of wooden roof girders and rafters to support the simple and symbolic form.”