10 Clever Ways to Use Ladders in Decor

Over the years, ladders have slowly but surely crept into home decor. They’ve been built into furniture and welcomed into our yards as plant stands. Recently, though, we’ve been noticing more stand-alone ladders leaning against the walls of some of the trendiest homes and apartments. Should all of us be using ladders in decor?

The answer could be yes. While it’s tempting to jump on any decor trend that’s as easy to integrate as this one, using ladders in decor makes practical sense. The slim profile and openness of a ladder makes it extremely useful in a number of contexts. Ladders are a great, small-footprint way to add storage to a room without making it feel closed-in or cluttered. They’re especially helpful in smaller rooms – like bathrooms – where square footage is limited but you need space to hang or store items. Using a ladder instead of hooks is a great solution for renters, too, because it means fewer holes in the wall.

Whether you want to work with ladders because you’re excited about finally being able to reach the top cabinet or you just want a low-investment way to freshen up your space, we’ve got you covered. To get your wheels turning, here are 10 photos of creative ways to use a ladder in your home or apartment.

Check out these pictures of ladders in decor for inspiration

This ladder does double duty. It’s an ideal towel drying rack while helping draw the eye upward. Image: Signature Hardware
A ladder is a convenient place to store magazines and smaller, fun reads. Simply sling them over the ladder rungs. When placed carefully, the rung can even act as a bookmark. Image: Peti Lau Inc.
A ladder is a great way to add bathroom shelving while keeping the space light and airy. Image: Anna Burles
While a bookshelf would have blocked a big portion of the living room wall, making it feel cluttered, the openness of a ladder helps the room breathe even as you add storage. Image: Global Source Lighting
If you’re really ready to jump into the ladders in decor trend, a two-tone piece is just the thing. Image: SF Design Build
This ladder waits for towels but, in the meantime, adds texture and height to the bathroom. Image: Lane Lamerson Interiors
A ladder can offer critical storage while taking up minimal square footage, helping rooms feel more open. Image: Alex Findlater
You won’t be afraid to fill the top shelves of your bookcases when you have a ladder at the ready. Image: Martin Horn
If you’re tired of clambering up onto your counter to reach your upper cabinets, blending a ladder into your existing decor is a perfect solution. Image: Murphy & Co.
If you’re looking for more storage without the extra blockiness that often comes with chests and dressers, a ladder is ideal. Image: Wickenden Hutley

What do you think of this decor trend? Will its usefulness keep it here for the long haul, or is this a fleeting fad? Would you add a ladder to your home decor? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!