Here Are 16 Cute and Captivating Wall Mural Ideas to Inspire Your Next Kid’s Room Makeover

If there’s one thing all designers – and design fans – know to be true, it’s that kid’s rooms make for some of the most fun projects. After all, where else can you forgo the modern obsession with subtlety in favor of bold colors and whimsical themes? These spaces are the perfect place to try out any wall mural ideas that you’ve been hanging onto for years. Not only are murals stylish and eye-catching, but the kids are bound to love them, too.

That said, not all of us may have a great idea off the bat. With that in mind, we’ve laid out some wall mural ideas for you. Scroll down, look them over, and use them as your design inspiration. With any luck, these will help you get your next kid’s room makeover off to a great start.

Make it pop

Take your mural to the next level by bringing a few 3D elements into your design. Image: Billy Kien Designs

Expand your horizons

Wall murals are good fits for playrooms, too. Image: Nash Interior Design

Consider age in your design

For younger children, cartoon-style artwork is especially appropriate. Image: Fundi Interiors

Go beyond the walls

Don’t let the size of the walls stop you. Keep the mural going along the ceiling to create a particularly eye-catching effect. Image: Sweetwater Homes

Coordinate your colors

Make sure to match the colors in your mural to other design elements in the room, such as textiles and accessories. Image: Landon Homes

Think about using wall decals

If you’re not the best artist, don’t worry. These days, wall decals can help you create a captivating mural in just a few easy steps. Image: Morgan Mural Studios

Go for a farm motif

For younger children, farm animals can be both a whimsical and educational choice. Image: Smith Partners

Or, think about focusing on a specific sports team

You can never go wrong with a sports mural, especially if there is one team in particular that your child loves. Image: Jackson Design & Remodeling

Make it educational

Your mural can also have educational value. Consider exploring topics like geography, math, or literature. Image: Wynne Taylor Ford

You can’t go wrong with pirates

Choose pirate or treasure hunt wall mural ideas for an aesthetic that’s transformative and fun. Image: Trade Mart Interiors

Bring prints into the mix

Murals don’t have to be painted. You can also employ photographs and prints. This method is great for older children who want their rooms to feel more mature. Image: DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Go on safari

Take a walk on the wild side by embracing a safari theme, like this one that features lions and zebras. Image: Q Interiors

Coordinate your mural with the rest of the room

Remember to tie your wall mural ideas into the rest of the room by using coordinating paint colors and accessories. Image: Fontana Painting, LLC

Shoot for outer space

Space elements are classic wall mural ideas that can serve as the theme for the whole room. Image: Maracay Homes Design Studio

Grab inspiration from books

Think about collecting inspiration from your child’s favorite storybook or toy. They’ll love seeing their interest come to life in their room. Image: Decorating Den Interiors- Corporate Headquarters

Keep it subtle

Not all wall murals need to be big and bold. Sometimes one or two simple designs are all it takes to make a big artistic statement. Image: Fawn Galli Interiors