This Modern Desk Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

After charming our senses with the remarkable bathtub and washbasin fusion Symbiosis, Ljubljana-based design studio Desnahemisfera amazes us with a high-tech savvy office desk named Katedra designed for Donar d.o.o. This functional furniture item is a high-tech desk that also charges your phone and does it in an elegant manner. Just place the phone on its surface, on the built-in wireless phone charger (AirCharge) and watch it turn from white to red to green as the phone stocks power.

“Katedra office desk is a triumph of contrast; a large white surface leans onto a solid wood block that mimics stacked beams. The block has three push-to-open drawers and the desk itself is made out of Kerrock, which is fully recyclable. Its large working surface has a built in wireless phone charger AirCharge, so your phone will never run out of juice while you are working. The charger is connected to the LED-charging indicator, which is flashing white when in stand-by mode and turns red when you place your phone on it. When the phone is fully charged it turns green.”

Contrasting materials helped shape this contemporary desk design. A curved white Kerrock surface rests one side on what resembles a stack of wood beams. Three push-to-open drawers help better disguise its function and appear sleek and contemporary. A pocket under the high-tech desk top can hide a keyboard or a laptop, helping you keep the ambiance uncluttered. Photos by Rok Trzan show the simplicity implied in designing this desk meant to simplify your tasks.