15 Rooms With Cleverly Hidden TVs

It’s 2018. If you’ve managed to keep televisions out of your home entirely, you deserve a major pat on the back. Most of us have let this all-powerful source of entertainment take over not just one, but multiple rooms in our homes and apartments. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little TV. Gathering friends for a movie or kicking up your feet after a long day to watch your favorite show are some of modern life’s simple pleasures. However, even though we’ve accepted TVs at home, we might not necessarily want to look at them all the time – especially when they’re not on. Don’t let that big black box ruin your room’s design. Get on board with hidden TVs. While your decorating your cleverly hidden TV, learn what TV wall mounts can help you keep them hidden in your rooms.

More and more people are looking for creative solutions to merge TVs into the rest of their rooms’ decor. With sliding panels or well-placed art, the blank rectangle that is your TV doesn’t have to be the focal point of the room. This is especially useful as TVs get bigger and bigger. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire wall to a screen, read on. We’ve gathered up 15 rooms that showcase some of the most clever options for hidden TVs.

Hidden TVs: a blank canvas

When your TV isn’t on, it’s just a black expanse. You can leave it that way, or you can see it as a blank canvas. And what’s the natural use for a blank canvas? Art! Here are a few samples from homes that chose to take full advantage of this artistic opportunity.

Make more of your wall space functional by installing artwork that can be raised or lowered to coincide with your TV habits. Image: Crescendo Designs, Ltd.

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It doesn’t have to be a chore to uncover hidden TVs. Put some art on sliders for a quick way to hide – and reveal – your TV. Image: Gelling & Judd Inc.

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Colorful art is much more interesting to look at than a blank TV screen. Image: ABC Real Estate Costa Rica

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Hidden TVs are ideal if you’re trying to maintain a clean, minimal look on your walls. A simple blank canvas can be enough to obscure the eyesore. Image: LLI Design

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Hidden TVs: behind closed doors

Sometimes, the simplest solution is best. If you’re looking for a way to tuck away your TV that’s easy to undo when you’re ready to watch, a door or two could be all you need.

Bright sliding panels help a room feel open when covering the TV and don’t cause a visual distraction while you’re trying to watch the game. Image: DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation

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Hiding a TV behind doors outside isn’t just great for your yard’s aesthetic; it also protects the screen from the elements. Image: James Dean Design

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A multi-compartment built-in with sliding doors makes it easy to tuck away your TV. Image: Lisa Schmitz Interior Design

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Match your TV’s doors to the material of your ceiling to draw the eye up and make the room feel taller. Image: Hi-Tek Group

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Barnwood doors are trending. Use them to tuck away your TV for an on-point look. Image: 3north

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Hidden TVs: popping up everywhere

Sometimes you don’t want to dedicate part of your wall to a television. Good news: You’ve got some other options. Today’s pop-up TV lifts make it easy to tuck a TV into the top of just about any cabinet, footboard or countertop.

In 2018, you can’t really have too many TVs. But if you want to make a room feel less TV-centric, hiding one away is a great option. Image: DSI Luxury Technology

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Love watching TV in bed but don’t want to obscure the view from your windows? A footboard with a pull-up TV is a perfect solution. Image: Electronic Home Environments

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If you love watching TV while you cook but don’t want to designate precious counter or cabinet space to a television, a lift-out TV is ideal. Image: Stonewood LLC

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Other hidden TV ideas

These are just a handful of ways you can hide a television out of sight when it’s not in use. But don’t limit yourself! As the following pictures demonstrate, your options for hidden TVs are just about endless.

Copy villains from “Scooby Doo” and hide your TV with a swiveling wall. Image: AVID Installations

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You’ve seen it in fancy hotels; now bring it home. Mirrors equipped with hidden TVs are ideal for binging your favorite shows in the bath. Image: Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Inc.

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An oldie but a goodie. A beautiful armoire provides a perfect hiding space for your entire media center. Image: Annie Hall Interiors

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Have you been searching for a way to hide your TV (or multiple TVs)? Do any of the above ideas inspire you? We’d love to hear about your plans in the comments.