Get Ready to See the New Color of the Year Everywhere

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You may not be familiar with the company PPG, but you’ve probably felt its influence. It manufactures paint and finishes for the construction, consumer home improvement, industrial and automotive markets. Glidden, Olympic and Dulux are just a few of its consumer paint brands covering 70 countries. So when PPG announces its Color of the Year (like it just did for 2019), the world listens.

PPG’s official Color of the Year for 2019 is Night Watch: a deep, rich green. PPG chose the hue by hosting an annual color workshop. Twenty PPG “global color stylists” from the home paint, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries met to analyze the latest fashion runway and lifestyle trends that are most likely to resonate with society.

The Color of the Year was chosen for its versatility. It works well on both exterior applications and interiors. Image: PPG

Dee Shlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager, explained the choice: “The restorative power of nature is important in society now more than ever. Night Watch is about bringing the healing power from the outdoors into your home through color.”

The rich, vibrant green brings nature indoors. Image: PPG

The tone may be bold, but it’s also incredibly versatile. “The color can be incorporated into interiors as a focal accent wall in a bedroom or dining room, and it pairs nicely with gold or brass accents and décor,” Shlotter suggests. “For exteriors, Night Watch is a gorgeous alternative to the trending black or deepest blue-black, and it works well as an accent on doors and shutters.”

The rich green tone pairs well with warm earthy shades, as shown in this contemporary home’s exterior. Image: JMA

Night Watch is PPG’s Color of the Year. But it’s just one of 200 colors in PPG’s 2019 Global Color Trends Forecast. Architects, designers, aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive engineers all rely on PPG’s color analysis. That means you’ll be seeing the color in everything from your smartphone to hotel lobbies and new vehicle color options.

Here are some other rooms featuring the new Night Watch deep green tone.

Night Watch, PPG Color of the Year, in the kitchen

Pair the luxurious dark green tone with gold metallic finishes. Image: Black Lacquer Design
A mid-century modern kitchen is finished in layers of the 2019 Color of the Year. Image: Behance

How to use the 2019 Color of the Year in the bathroom

Add a field tile inspired by the Color of the Year to bring the outdoors into any space. Image: Malcolm Davis Architecture
A subtle way to update your bathroom with the latest Color of the Year is by adding a single painted emerald green cabinet to a white bathroom. Image: City Home Collective

Creating an updated space using Night Watch paint

A deeper, saturated shade of Night Watch complements grays, blacks and whites. Image: Scandinavian Homes
Night Watch also pairs with pastel colors like salmon, celadon and khaki. Image: Optimise Design
PPG’s Color of the Year has a luxurious vibe, perfect for a high-glamour room. Image: Glassman Lighting
If you rent and can’t paint a wall in a saturated tone like Night Watch, you can add furniture and accessories in the Color of the Year. The vivid green looks great in a white or neutral room. Image: Timber Trails

Where will you add the Color of the Year in your home?