19 Fortnite Gifts For A Battle Royale Home

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If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, you must have been off of planet Earth for the last year. The online battle game has become so popular it has over 125 million players worldwide. And it’s responsible for some of the funniest (and most awkward) dances around, like the Floss and Orange Justice.

With so many Fortnite fanatics around, it’s likely you know at least one or two. We’ve got a cool roundup of 19 Fortnite gifts for the home that turn any room into a Battle Royale arena this holiday season.

1. Eat Sleep Fortnite Repeat Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker

2 – 7. Fort Nite Throw Pillows

8. Keep It 100% Fortnite Unframed Print Poster, $10

9. Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

10. 3D Star Series Vinyl Floor Decal

11. Fortnite Alpaca 3D Illusion LED Night Light

12. Fort Battle Drop Royale Bathroom Decor

13 – 16. Fortnite Coffee Chug Mugs

17. Do Not Disturb Fortnite Door Sign

18. Fort-NITE 3D LED Chug Mug Night Light

19. 20×20 Fortnite Battle Royale Map