“Flexhouse” in Switzerland Resembles a Futuristic Vessel

Located next to railway lines, curving access roads and a lake, this modern residence in Meilen, Switzerland, takes inspiration from the terrain. Evolution Design opted for a modern building with an original shape, that would add a new landmark to the site.

“With its wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like white façade that winds its way around the building, this home is so light and mobile in appearance that it resembles a futuristic vessel that has sailed in from the lake and found itself a natural place to dock,” they said.

The floor plan goes from wide to narrow to follow the railway lines and shape of the plot. The eye is drawn subtly upward, to the views beyond. According to the architects, “the fluidity of the design continues inside, thanks to an open plan interior, unbroken views and reams of natural light, which streams throughout the space all day long.”

On the ground floor, the spacious living room transitions into a dining area and loft-style kitchen. Rather than close off individual floors, the design incorporates a double height open space that allows the eyes to travel, delivering a glimpse of the bedrooms above or, from the first floor, to the living room below. [Information provided by Evolution Design; Photography by Peter Wuermli]