Finnish Lakehouse Keeps Things Simple

MNy Arkitekter built House Åkerudden by a lake in the rural community of Tenala.  The result emphasizes “authenticity, simplicity, locality and sustainability,” which dezeen magazine quotes the firm listing as its goals.

At a distance, the home is quietly nestled in the surrounding fields.  Moreover, its gabled roof mirrors the existing architecture in that region.

The unassuming layout brings daily activities to a single, open space made for cooking, eating, and relaxing. At the center, the dining table works to break up the room into its different functions.  Meanwhile, a freestanding fireplace at the middle seems to be included for warmth, rather than style like an overly decorative piece in front of a sofa.

The design team used seven kinds of timber in construction.  Primarily, they used locally sourced spruce, but the home also features oak, aspen, black alder, and Oregon pine, among other timbers.  Exposed wood runs throughout the home for a look that feels simple and deeply connected to its location. [Photography by Kuvio Architecture Photography and Mathias Nyström.  Information and photos courtesy of dezeen magazine]