Defining A Sloped Property Overlooking Sydney’s Skyline: Mormanis House

Located in the coastal suburb of Sydney – Dover Heights – the three story residence known as Mormanis House defines its location on a sloping terrain overlooking the city’s skyline and the harbor below. Playing with white and grey details on the front facade and adding glass in the back side, the architects constructed a modern dream home with a powerful duality of a solid and transparent shell. Stone, recycled timber and weathered zinc smash the monotony of simple white walls. Sydney-based MPR Design Group not only imagined a complex outside play of design lines, but also an interior floor plan divided between entertaining and relaxing zones. In order to keep privacy at a maximum level without loosing the calming effect of natural light, architects designed a series of highlight windows and skylights that bypass the lack of windows in some areas. Accessible via the top floor, interior spaces and views are revealed on each level and, as you make your way down the stairs to the private floor sheltering bedrooms and further down to the living spaces open towards a half garden, half pool backside, you can enjoy each detail. What do you think of this inverted floor plan idea?