30 Of The Most Ingenious Japanese Home Designs Presented on Freshome

Overwhelmed by so many examples of smart Japanese architecture, we decided to put together a post with some of the best projects presented on Freshome so far. Most of the modern homes below seem to defy natural laws of Physics and play with the viewer’s perception of space. Our favorite buildings are not the ones characterized by large interiors, but rather those that cleverly and unexpectedly adapt to the requirements of a small site. Strange polygonal, rectangular and cube-shaped structures, cantilevered volumes, inner small courtyards and windows that appear in unpredictable places are just some of the elements that make these Japanese home designs stand out.

1. Modern Japanese Home by Shigeru Fuse Architects in Abiko

The style employed in most of the residences featured below is minimalist. Function is the main attribute defining the Japanese buildings in this display, each showcasing an interesting partition of spaces. Ornaments are kept to a minimum and the overall sober feel is reduced by the use of lovely wooden accents. We invite you to go through the photos in the galley and if you see any interesting project, click the small text at the bottom in order to be redirected to the original post with much more information. And in the end, we would love to read about your thoughts on modern Japanese architecture.

2. Minimalist House in Kashiba-Shi by Horibe Naoko Architect
3. Irregularly shaped BB House by Yo Yamagata Architects in Tokyo
4. The Mishima House by Keiji Ashizawa Design in Tokyo
5. The Outside In House project designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects in Yamanashi.
6. KKC House by no.555 in Fukushima.
7. Toda House by Kimihiko Okada in Hiroshima.
8. Maruyama House designed by Atelier Sano in Sapporo
9. U3 House by Masahiko Sato of Architect Show in Fukuoka
10. Pojagi House by Kiyotoshi Mori & Natsuko Kawamura of studio MDS in Yokohama.
11. Nomura 24 House by Antonino Cardillo in Hy?go, overlooking ?saka bay
12. PORT Residence by Nico Architects in Fukuoka city
13. Residence in Nabari City by Matsunami Mitsutomo & Associates
14. House I by Yoshichika Takagi in Akita City
15. Airhole House by Masahiro Kinoshita in Shiga, Japan
16. Minimalist Home by Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio in Osaka
17. Y-House by IDEAoffice in Saitama
18. “Reflection of Mineral”House byYasuhiro Yamashi in Tokyo
19. Cedar House by architect Tetsuya Nakazono in Hiroshima
20. House H. by Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo
21. Modern Residence by studio Suppose Design Office in Sakuragawa
22. Niu House by Yashihiro Yahomoto Architect in Nara, Japan
23. Tube House2 by Hideki Iwahori in the Outskirts of Tokyo
24. Mountain house, designed by Miurashin Architect + Associates in Karuizawa
25. Glass Home in Hiroshima by Naf architect & design
26. Vision designed by Takehiko Nez Architects in Yamanashi.
27. Kofunaki House by ALTS Design Office in Shiga, Honshu Island.
28. F Residence by Edward Suzuki Architecture in Kamakura
29. K5 house by Masahiko Sato, the architect of Architect Show in Kurume.
30. House in Kyobate by Naoko Horibe in Nara