25 Ideas for Christmas Decorations for Stairs

You’ve probably got the basics down on how to dress up your porch, decorate your Christmas tree and set your table for the holidays. If you live in a two-story home or loft, decorating your stairs for Christmas should also be on your list. It’s easier than you think and makes a huge impact.

We’ve got 25 decorating ideas featuring creative Christmas decorations for stairs to bling out your banister this holiday season.

How to add Christmas decorations for stairs

Depending on the weight and size of your Christmas decorations, you may need double stick tape, wire, hooks, clear fishing line and twist ties to attach your ornaments. Choose supplies that blend in with your banister and decorations.

The secret to adding Christmas decorations for stairs is layering.

Start by twisting garland around the banister and continue adding some of these to the anchored garland:

  • lights
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • monogram letters
  • candy
  • ribbon and more
Wind garland on your stairs to create a sturdy base for hanging the rest of your Christmas ornaments. Image: Anna Mackie
A simple arrangement of florals, garland and ribbon at the base of your banister can be all you need to to decorate your stairs. Image: Traditional Home Magazine

Add Christmas garland to your stairs

Garland should be the base of your Christmas decorations for stairs. You can use fresh garland or artificial, wired garland to get the look. Drape or twist the garland up the stair railing and add other elements like ornaments, ribbon or lights to complete the look.

Freshly cut, live garland hung on the banister is both fragrant and beautiful. Image: Lisa Gabrielson
To get this look, add other rustic, natural elements to your stair garland like Eucalyptus leaves, pinecones, burlap and linen ribbon. Image: Martha Stewart
Besides the natural garland on the banister, paper ornaments are hung on the wall to replicate the look of snowflakes. Image: Martha Stewart
A simple holiday look featuring garland, lights, small ornaments and a red ribbon to complete it. Image: D For Design
For the ultimate Christmas staircase, generous amounts of lightly-flocked garland are strung with lights, gold ribbon and tree ornaments. Image: Twenty Two Fifty Interiors

Decorating with ribbon on your stairs for Christmas

Ribbon is a fast, easy way to add some holiday cheer to your stairs. Choose large ribbon with wiring so that you can easily mold the ribbon. Take a close look at these Christmas decorating ideas featuring ribbon.

A mesh ribbon with silver, sparkly accents was layered over ordinary green garland. Tie in the whole look by adding color-coordinated decor like wall art, floor-standing ornaments and vases. Image: Rikki Snyder
Put a big red, plaid bow as the finishing touch to your completed Christmas decorations for stairs. Image: D For Design
Layer different colors and textures of ribbons on your stairs for an elegant Christmas setting. Image: Twenty Two Fifty Interiors
The gold ribbon strung through the banister adds a festive Christmas holiday look to this staircase. Image: Tobi Fairley

Christmas decorations for stairs using lights and candles

Decorating with string lights and candles adds a warm, homey feel to your home for the holidays. If a power outlet is not nearby, or you’re worried about having candles near kids or pets, choose battery-operated LED string lights or faux LED candles.

A combination of string lights and candles light the stairwell of this Nordic Christmas setting. Image: My Scandinavian Home
Decorative candle holders are placed on each step to create a warm glow. To keep them from falling, you can also place a small amount of Blu-Tack or putty under each candleholder. Image: Lowes
Hang lights up and down your stair railing like a waterfall to create a Christmas Wonderland effect. Image: HGTV
Wind lights around your garland before hanging them on the rails to make decorating your stairs for Christmas easier. Image: On Sutton Place

Creative Christmas decorations for stairs

Want to do something unexpected? Decorate your stairs for the holidays with non-Christmas objects like the ideas below. This is a great option if you’re crafty or want to involve the kids in creating ornaments to hang around the house.

Paper pinwheels made with newspaper and decorative paper are hung with simple branch garland on the stairs. Berry twigs in a vase also complete the look. Image: Ballard Designs
Visit your local party supply store for unique supplies you can use to decorate with. These big paper pompoms are lightweight and add a one-of-a-kind look to your stairs. Image: HGTV 

Christmas decorations for stairs featuring stockings

If you don’t have a fireplace mantel to hang your stockings, you can also hang them on your stairwell!

The striped stockings add a fun Holiday vibe to the small living room. Image: Magnolia Home
Add ribbon and tree ornaments in colors that coordinate with your stockings to complete your banister decorating for Christmas. Image: Lowes

Advent calendar Christmas decorating ideas for your banister

The kids will love checking the stairs for their daily treats from a stairwell Advent calendar. You’ll need a stocking, basket or holder for the 25 days of Christmas and goodies to put inside.

For a rustic, country look, choose small copper buckets and add a small card featuring the day of the month. Image: Ideal Home
Small baskets or mugs filled with treats can be labeled with the day of the month or the person they’re for. Image: Good Housekeeping

Christmas tree ornaments to decorate your stairs

Pull together your tree and the rest of your decorations by hanging some of your ornaments like candy canes, balls or snowflakes on your banister.

Mid-Century Modern Christmas decorating featuring garland with vintage glass ball ornaments and stars. Image: D For Design
Use oversized tree ornaments, hung with colorful ribbon, to decorate your stairs and the wall. Image: Live Laugh Love
Pairs of Christmas ornaments, hung at different heights using ribbon, add a great finishing touch to this banister. Image: Lowes
Nordic-Style paper snowflakes in different shapes and sizes are attached on the stairs for a modern, white Christmas. Image: Ideal Home

Have fun decorating your stairs for the holidays with these Christmas decoration for stairs ideas. Don’t stop at the railings – you can also add ornaments and decor to the edges of the stairs, hang decorations on the walls and create a setting at the landing. You’ll enjoy the look every day you go up and down the stairs this Christmas season.