20 Small Garden Water Feature Ideas To Add A Little More Zen To Your Life

Flowing water is not only beautiful to admire, but the sound is very relaxing. And, if you have a small garden, terrace or patio, strategically adding a water feature is also likely to attract birds, wildlife and hummingbirds. In fact, water features are one of the five big garden trends for 2018.

Water features can be added to even the smallest of spaces—all you need is some sort of vessel or bowl. If you have an outlet nearby, a small pump can circulate the water. Or, you can simply have a still water feature with a couple of aquatic plants and a goldfish to keep the mosquito larvae at bay.

Ready to add a little zen into your life? Here’s a round-up of small garden water feature ideas for inspiration.

Small garden water feature ideas

These small vessel water feature designs can sit in a corner or on a table in your small garden or balcony. Images: Pinterest

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A wall-mounted water feature that pours water into a narrow trough or rectangular container can be a good small garden water feature idea when your space is narrow or limited. Image: BM Studio Design

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This small patio features three wall-mounted water features that pour into a river rock bed below. Image: Change of Seasons

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Glass is mounted behind a small fire pit for water to flow down, creating a “fire and ice” effect. Image: Cooke Furniture

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A small, narrow backyard space was converted into a zen garden by transforming a stone sculpture into a water feature. Image; Deborah Carl Landscape Design

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A tabletop water feature can be created by filling a beautiful ceramic vessel with water and adding some aquatic plants, such as floating lilies and papyrus. Image: Dragonfly Aquatics

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When there’s no space in your garden for a water feature, it’s time to get creative. This homeowner used tin watering cans to add a water feature to their stairs. Image: DIY Network 

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Stacked stones create a unique, earthy water feature effect. Image: Grace Design Associates
A vessel shoots a small fan of water upwards, creating a beautiful architectural aquatic effect. Image: Harrison Landscaping
Electricity is required to add a pump that creates the water flow, but you can still create a beautiful water feature by using only a vessel and adding some aquatic plants. Image: HGTV
Here’s an idea you can execute in a smaller garden: build your water feature to flow from the wall into a small narrow container. Image: Huettl Design
Two stacked vessels create a relaxing water flow, and a place for birds to visit. Image: Deborah Carl

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This homeowner placed a lovely, small water feature in the path that leads to the front door. Image: Allison Lind Interiors
A wall was converted into a water feature, featuring slate that the water can flow down from. The sound of the water muffles the noise from the busy street on the other side of the wall. Image: Martgot Hartford

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A narrow, vertical, flowing waterfall structure adds privacy to this small deck. Image: NY Texas

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For a pop of color, add floating glass balls to your small garden water feature. Image: Sunset Magazine
Small, submersible lights add drama to your water feature. Image: Sunset Magazine
This may be a large rain shower structure, but you can create a smaller, or even tabletop, version for your balcony or small terrace. Image: Water Features Direct

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The landscape designer built a waterfall feature in a small side patio. Image: Tatum Brown

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Do you have a small corner in your balcony, or a spot in your garden that would perfectly accommodate a water feature? Adding one is easy, and can provide plenty of enjoyment.

Drop us a note in the comments, and let us know how it goes!