20 Awesome Dorm Room Bedding Ideas for Inspiration

Pastel dorm room bedding is a relaxing choice. Image:  Overstock

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We know that when you’re living in a small dorm room, your bed is everything. Your bed is not just the focal point of your room, it’s your homework space, sleeping spot and where your friends flop down for a visit. You want your dorm room bedding to reflect who you are while also setting the style for your space, especially if you’re sharing with a roommate.

We found bedding ideas for the most popular dorm room styles. When you go strong with your bedding decor, it sets the tone for the rest of the room. Add hot trends like macramé, mixed metals and fluffy accessories to customize your room. Here are 20 bedding sets in styles that we love right now:

Your dorm room bedding: boho style 

We love the vibrant colors and patterns of boho style. This is a look that is still going strong. Your boho style dorm room bedding can create a comfortable vibe that feels like home whenever you walk in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and accessories with your boho bedding.

Boho bedding in purple and white creates a stylish contrast. Image: Target
Aqua and orange boho print can go beachy, too. Image: Target
Love boho and stripes? This could be the perfect choice for you. Image: Target
Hanging a curtain behind your bed can soften a plain dorm room. Image: Urban Outfitters

Colorful dorm room bedding

We love waking up to a cheerful and bright space. These colorful dorm room bedding sets are an energy boost for the mornings you’d rather hit the snooze on your phone. If you love the bright colors but don’t want to go overboard, pair your colorful bedding with natural accents like plants and handcrafted art.

Go bold with chevron dorm room bedding. Image: Wayfair
Cheerful yellow bedding can make waking up a little easier. Image: Urban Outfitters
Soothing beach-inspired ombre stripes add cool colors to your dorm room. Image: Target
Target’s Nantes comforter is a stripe lover’s dream. Image: Target

Get comfy

Your dorm room will be your retreat, so it’s important to make it feel comfortable. Just because you’re decorating for comfort doesn’t mean your dorm room bedding will be boring. When you’re shopping for comfortable bedding, focus on how the fabric feels. Our favorite comfortable dorm room bedding feels great in fabrics like jersey or 100 percent cotton, plus they’re also absolutely gorgeous. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Rustic and relaxing, dark neutral colors can warm up a plain dorm room. Image: Bed Bath and Beyond
Mint green and silvery-gray dorm room bedding is both glam and comfortable. Image: Bed Bath and Beyond
Soft pink bedding is restful and romantic. Image: Target
Dots and pastels are a sweet option for your dorm room bed. Image: Ophelia

Go glam in your dorm room

The right bedding can give your room a glam style without looking like you’re trying too hard — think pretty fabrics and special little details like pintuck and ruffles. Finish your glam dorm room with metallic finishes and soft lighting.

Metallic accents add glam to an aqua comforter. Image: Wayfair
White bedding can be glam, too (especially with metallic accents). Image:  Target
Embrace your glam style with the Serena Comforter set. Image: Target
Black and white with a hint of aqua is a totally glam look. Image: Wayfair

Tailored and neutral dorm room style

If you love neutral colors and simple lines, tailored dorm room bedding can be a great fit. We can’t resist the classic looks of a neutral bedding set. Choosing simpler bedding gives you so many options for artwork and accessories that you can decorate in any style you choose, and then change your mind next semester.


Stripes are always in style. Image: All Modern
A reversible comforter gives you more decorating options. Image: Bed Bath and Beyond
Comfortable and colorful plaid is a classic choice for tailored dorm room bedding. Image: Target
Graphic design with a touch of turquoise is simple yet trendy. Image: Target