By employing plywood in a creative manner, the team at NOJI Architects remodeled Scale of PLY, a Victorian two-level building in Dublin, Ireland. Dark and uncomfortably small, the construction was cleverly upgraded: “The redesign of the ground floor knocked the ground floor walls in the return to open out the kitchen into a new extended kitchen/ dining space. The layout maximizes the South West orientation and allows both internal window seat and external covered areas to relate to the garden.” This new addition displays a series of triangular plains, interconnected for a powerful visual effect.

The technical approach is explained by the architects: “The plywood glulam beams support the first floor and are in turn supported using a cruxiform steel column as the only structural steel used in the build. The junction between the two glulam beams was created using a simple lap joint between the beams with long screw connections. The glulam beam frames the ceiling over the kitchen; the ceiling is made up of a prefabricated triangular plywood module laminated in situ creating a diagrid structure and braced by a skin of plywood, acting as the floor for the first floor.” From where we’re standing, the outcome is an original extension which fills the entire home with cheerful vibes.