This industrial loft in Amsterdam has recently been refurbished by Houtwerk BV – a member of the HIMACS® Quality Club – in collaboration with Witteveen Architects. The newly upgraded Canal House is characterized by space, movement and luminosity resulting from the whiteness of its walls with large windows.

Some of the classic brick walls have been preserved, adding to the historical character of the project. The presence of HI‑MACS® can be seen in most of the rooms, providing a touch of modernity to an industrial-style dwelling.

A large part of the customized designs for Canal House were created using HI‑MACS® Solid Surface material in its Alpine White shade. The architects opted for the clean, minimalist lines offered by this finish, which maintain uniformity throughout the house.

The master bedroom was built as an extension of the existing loft; the clean lines of the room are the perfect complement to the soft, smooth feel of the acrylic stone, while the striking craftsmanship and high level of finish do justice to this building’s grand history. The matching bathroom, at the back of the bedroom, is literally “made” from acrylic stone, including both the floor and the walls, as well as the shower and bespoke sink with personalized basins. [Information provided via e-mail by HI‑MACS®; Photography by Herman van Heusden]