The Eastern Islands district in Amsterdam is an industrial area that was home to the city’s shipping industry. Studio Appelo was challenged with transforming a former car garage next to the old docks into a family home.

Preserving the heritage of the building was key to designing original and highly functional interiors. The 1,238-square-foot, Y-shaped layout ensures an open plan, which in turn encourages socializing.

“The plot is divided into three zones: the kitchen, the living area and library, and the children’s living areas,” the architects said. “The kitchen and living spaces are located on the lighter, busier street side of the house, while the children’s and adjacent bedrooms are in the more private space at the rear.”

Industrial elements spice up the interiors. In the kitchen, a cabinet volume with a 20-foot-long marble countertop takes center stage. Concrete flooring, custom furniture, and steel windows and door frames add to the unique identity of this home.

“In addition to the spatial principle, the limited budget was an important part of the design process,” the architects said. “Most of the construction elements added have been smartly designed to allow resources to be concentrated on the kitchen and new facades.” [Photography by Matthieu van Ek]