Envisioned by Humà design + architectureDas Bier in an industrial-style bar in Montréal, Canada. The project, based on the German “bierhall” concept, is a merging between the European passion for great beers and the Rosemont neighborhood lifestyle.

“Our first goal was to open the space, which is composed of three buildings with three different ground floor levels, to create one large hall,” the architects said. “Then, we custom-designed oversized communal tables, which evolve through the space, going from table height to countertop height tables, linking the different levels.”

Massive chandeliers made of hot-rolled steel enhance the atmosphere with soft lighting diffused through the perforations. Crude steel was also employed for the staircase and exterior facade.The interiors are animated thanks to a variety of materials and textures, from Terrazzo flooring and stone to wood-paneled walls and aluminum kegs on the ceiling.

“We’ve designed the restroom’s entrance wall with a composition of 7500 white and gold beer caps assembled into a pattern that reflects light and shines through the space,” the architects said. “Das Bier is primarily a place for beer lovers.” [Photography courtesy of Humà design + architecture]

What is your favorite element of this industrial bar design?