Illusion Side Table | Essey

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No, you’re not seeing things. Yes, you really can buy this. The Essey Illusion Side Table ($270) might be the coolest use of clear acrylic that we’ve seen used in furniture design. This handmade showstopper is molded to create the illusion of cloth draped over a round table; the pooling ends of the “cloth” create structure that gives this piece physical stability while, visually, remaining light as a feather.

The transparent table measures 17 inches high by 13 inches in diameter, just right for placing beside low seating such as a bean-bag chair or chaise lounge. The shape is technically traditional, but the execution is completely contemporary, a combination that makes this piece totally versatile and at home in any style of decor. Place this between two Ghost chairs for a chic seating area that won’t block the view.