Located in the town of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, this project by Michael Samoriz modernizes an important part of history by incorporating it into everyday life. This historic fortress has been converted into a shopping and entertainment galleria, complete with boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It also includes a permanent art exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

Founded in 1662, this fortress city was created by the Governor of Kiev; it changed hands several times over the centuries before being almost completely demolished in the early 19th century. The architect wanted this project to allow visitors to “feel the past, consider the artifacts and ruins of the majestic castle.”

Subtle additions have been made with oak and sandstone to add to the historicity of the project, but striking modern adaptations have been made as well. Milk Pink Ice Cream and Yogurt Shop is located in the former dungeons of the ruined citadel, part of the only remaining defense wall of the original fortress.  This modern glass and steel structure, offset with bright hues and quirky decor, overlooks the ruins of the original fortress, allows visitors a literal window into the past.