Beijing-based Evolution Design took on the challenge of rehabilitating two decrepit buildings located in a scenic village in Zhoushan, China. The houses, which had been unoccupied for 70 years, are oriented toward the sea and offer panoramic views.

The architects combined the existing structures into a continuous space with a modern layout. “The new residence is composed of bedrooms renovated from the two old houses plus a studio converted from an old kitchen with collapsed roof that is now replaced by a glass ceiling,” the developing team explained.

One of the design highlights is a reinforced concrete “box” facing the sea, which serves as an open space living and dining area. This architectural element is also a link between the upstairs master bedroom and the two guestrooms below.

“The new house is built with reinforced concrete and is a perfect match in terms of both structure and space while remaining free of excessive decoration,” the designers said. “Concrete was specifically chosen to help the house withstand erosion stemming from the harsh sea climate.”

The interior design is a hypnotizing merger between old and new. Wood, concrete, stone and glass have been tastefully put on display to celebrate this distinction. Do you find this rural house renovation as captivating as we do? Photography by JianPing Yang & Yong Zhang.