This modern home extension plans was aimed at attaining more space, more light and more happiness. And thanks to Preston Lane Architects, what used to be a 1920’s Californian Bungalow has now morphed into this alluring home open to the outdoors. Now the interiors are better connected to the garden and have more natural light shining in.

Located in Sandy Bay, Australia, the house that helped flourish this home extension belongs to a growing family that neede more space, and a better organized one. Spreading over 260 square meters, the home extension plans comprise new living, kitchen, dining and bedroom spaces.

The Winscombe extension project imagined more living space on a compact footprint. Besides, the mix of concrete, timber and white lined walls make the interiors perfect for both observing the ever-changing garden and showcasing art. Architects wanted texture and color to be easily recustomized and still maintain the feeleing of the old: “Texture is layered into the space through repurposed timber floorboards utilised within the kitchen joinery and a feature brickwork wall to the kitchen all made with materials salvaged from the demolition works on site.”

This compact floor plan is described by Preston Lane Architects: “The project consists of a rear extension to a 1920’s Californian Bungalow in Hobart. A split level arrangement provides living spaces at the lower level and sleeping spaces at the upper level.  The living spaces are light and open with good connections to the outside, whilst the upper level form is solid and the weatherboard cladding taking cues from the existing building, providing a balance between the old and new works.  Splayed reveals at the upper level, broaden the view from within and provide a psychological connection with the backyard.”

Photographed by Derek Swalwell, the modern home extension unfolds under our eyes. With a strong connection to outside on the lower level and a private opacity upstairs, this home extension beautifully reached its happiness target.