Keir Townsend completed the design of a home away from home in London’s South Kensington neighborhood. Envisioned for a client who visits the city on a regular basis, the project combines the luxury of a five-star hotel with the comfort of a cozy retreat.

The original layout of the flat had an narrow galley kitchen that compromised the bathroom space; it also lacked storage space. The layout was changed to create a functional bath and an open-plan kitchen integrated into the living room.

Artistic wall lights were introduced throughout the flat, creating a variety of moods for different occasions. Organic patterns and natural materials create a rich visual diversity.

It is a common misconception that the fewer pieces of furniture and features you have in a space, the bigger it will look; this isn’t actually the case,” designer Irina Townsend said. “The more zones and features you have, the more it creates a perception of different areas within one room.

“The trick is not to have too many contrasts or palette juxtapositions, but to use neutral tones in a variety of textures and materials.”

In the living room, the velvet upholstered sofa has a matching ottoman, which gives the flat a sense of expansive luxury. The fireplace is clad in a special material containing layers of liquid metal and resin. 

The simple linear kitchen has reflective doors made of bronze glass. The Italian pendant lights have bronze diffusers and dimmers to create mood lighting for dining. [Photos and information provided by Keir Townsend]