Tokyo-based firm APOLLO Architects completed the design for a mixed-use living and art gallery building in Obu, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Named Gaze, the 893-square-foot project consists of three stacked floors. The first floor is created with reinforced concrete and glass, while the second and third floors are made from wood with galvanized steel siding, making the entire building from afar look like it’s suspended in air.

The owner’s art gallery is located on ground level with part of the exhibit featured underground. The surrounding glass reflects on the window for a pleasing effect for passersby.

The living areas on the second level are accessed through a separate stairway in the back of the building. A minimalist design scheme in neutral tones is a natural extension for the art gallery below. Natural light flows through the space, thanks to a series of lateral windows and skylights. All bedrooms are located upstairs, in the cantilevered third volume. [Photography: Masao Nishikawa]

What do you think of this dual purpose Japanese home design?