TG-Studio redesigned a country estate on the Spanish island of Ibiza, updating it to serve the contemporary living needs of the inhabitants. According to the developing team, the property consists of a three-bedroom house, surrounded by two hectares of lush gardens in which two additional houses provide two further bedrooms and en-suites: “The clients – who had purchased the building a few years earlier – felt that a makeover on the interior was required. Planning restrictions forbid the extension of the building and TG-Studio had to work within the existing building.” The result is a welcoming retreat exuding holiday vibes throughout.

The design of the Ibiza House is a lovely fusion of rustic and contemporary details. As you enter, you are greeted by an open-plan living and dining space, where a reading nook and a fireplace create a welcoming ambiance. Painting and graphic art add personality to this social zone, while two skylights emphasize on the array of colors and textures. We love how wood was employed throughout, from the ceiling and exposed wooden beams to the various of furniture. [Photography by Philip Vile]