With a privileged location overlooking the ocean and bay of Ancón, a district north of Lima, Peru, this Hillside Home by Architect Adriá Noboa offers unique living perks. The aim of the owners was to rebuild their grandparents’ house (initially designed in 1958 by Swiss Architect Theodor Cron), to save precious details and make the most of the spectacular views: “The proposal starts by liberating the edification from all extensions and modifications not found in the original design and then consolidate the original proposal rescuing its defining essential elements”, explained the project team.

Building extra service areas in tune with modern living needs was the main direction pursued by the project: “The extension was defined according to the requirements of the clients for new social and recreational spaces for their different weekend activities. The additional program comprises a new terrace for the bedrooms level, and a new swimming pool and terrace. Thus, a new third and fourth levels for complementary and technical services were created.” Prolonged horizontal surfaces and low wall hangings on the terraces were used in order to adapt the new residence to the design language of the former building on the site. Enjoy the virtual tour! [Photography by Renzo Rebagliati]