Belzberg Architects organized Tree Top Residence around a stunning helical staircase.  The design is not just a simple helix, however.  The architect explains that its eccentric design “goes from skinny to fat, narrow to wide” in Interior Design magazine.  The glass balustrades on each side had to be custom bent to flow with the staircase’s sculptural curves.

This attention-drawing piece works to carve out spaces in Belzberg’s open-concept, nearly 14,000-square foot design.  The stairs separate the master suite from the children’s bedrooms on the second floor, as well as create a sense of flow between open spaces on the main floor.

Belzberg drew the layout based on the owners’ priorities, “family, family, family,” according to the magazine article.  It is easy to envision spending time with family on any of the comfortable couches or in any of the large, open spaces included.

The site’s location along a ridge-line makes the home feel as if it is emerging from the tree tops.  Its sloped lines are shaped as a mirror image of the topography below, but modern materials used in construction create a sharp contrast.

Belzberg makes the most of this incredible location with glass walls and terraces that blend indoor and outdoor living.  [Photography by Bruce Damonte and Art Gray, information courtesy of Belzberg Architects and Interior Design magazine]