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If there’s one thing Halloween is good at, it’s special effects. One of the all-time favorite Halloween activities is watching a horror movie, complete with chilling effects for maximum levels of terror. So why not bring special effects into your home using Halloween illusion decorations?

These items make the most of cool effects and technology to make your home look truly haunted. Gone are the days when you had to settle for just hanging a white faux skeleton and calling it spooky. Now you can get haunted light shows, reaching hands, 3D window art and realistic haunted mirrors. Take a look below to learn how to take your haunted house to the next level for this year’s Halloween party.

Get an instant haunted look with this ghost pillow. Image: Grandin Road

Spooky ghost hand pillow

This neat pillow makes it look like there’s a ghost hand coming right out of it. You’d think a haunted pillow would be pretty hokey, but the realistic-looking hand pushes against the pillow’s surface repeatedly, looking like a ghost is trying to escape some enforced supernatural confines. A blue light show from behind the hand also makes it seem like you’re looking into a portal to the other side.

It’s an easy item to place on any piece of furniture as part of an overall haunted house or seasonal Halloween theme. You can add instant frights with minimal effort using this piece.

Give the illusion that you’re overrun with zombies using these hands. Image: Grandin Road

Reaching zombie hands

You can place zombie hands under the door to give the illusion that monsters are reaching out to people. The hands are attached to metal plates that slide under the door and secure the hands in place. These hands are even modeled to be life-sized. The metal plates have foam on them to prevent floor scratches.

If you want a different way to use the hands, you might also consider placing them on a table edge or tying them to the back of a piece of furniture. You can then place a piece of fabric around them to hide the metal plates.

A haunted mirror effect can add thrills. Image: Grandin Road

Animated mirror

This is a wonderful example of Halloween illusion decorations, so it’s a great pick if you’re planning a haunted house party. You can spook guests with the animations in this mirror. It actually looks like a regular mirror when not in use. Sound and motion sensors trip the animation, which then slowly shows the green screaming face. Haunting music also plays as the face appears. The mirror glows and the music gradually becomes louder. The 3D effect helps the mirror look more realistic, giving the illusion of an actual haunted item. This would work especially well in an entryway or hallway, since these are high traffic areas where people would trip the motion sensors as they passed.

Easy poster designs can also add some terrifying monsters to the mix. Image: Amazon

3D posters as Halloween illusion decorations

3D window additions have become a favorite in Halloween illusion decorations. An example is the mummy design above, which looks like the mummy is peering out the window. If you’ve ever seen these out in real life, you know how realistic they look. They have a 3D effect and definitely encourage a double take. They’re actually backlit posters you place over the window. The best-known brand is WOWindow Posters.

There are many versions of this idea on the market. Some have more of a shimmer effect. You can find different monsters. They’re an all-around great option for trick-or-treat night or any house party.

Project ghosts on your walls for a classic haunted feel. Image: Target

Ghost light show

This item comes from Target’s 2018 Halloween line and is one of the easiest ways to use Halloween illusion decorations. As the photo above shows, it projects ghost images on the walls. It’s a great idea if you’re planning a dark party with music, as the dim lighting will make it easy to see the ghosts on the walls.

You can also use it to light up your door or walkway for trick-or-treaters. Since laser light displays on houses have become a popular holiday addition, this item fits right in. It also has a classy black and gold muted dome look, so you can place it anywhere without it standing out too much.

What are some of your favorite Halloween illusion decorations? Will you be bringing any of these into your home come All Hallow’s Eve?