Located in a lushly planted residential area of Singapore and surrounded by mature trees, this green modern residence aims to capture the spirit of its surroundings. The House at Trevose Place was completed by A D Lab.

“This ambition to extend the site, its sense of gentle movement and tranquility, posed a challenge, given the extensive programmatic requirements of the owners,” explained the architects. 

The green residence had to be adapted to the needs of the multi-generational family. This was achieved by developing a relatively compact building around a courtyard and swimming pool. The highlight of the design is a pathway that winds around the external facade, encircling the home in grass.

“Aside from gently merging the building into the site, this long, winding veranda also serves as extensions of the individual rooms,” the architects added. The veranda continues all the way to the rooftop lawn.

The home has three levels, each hosting both private and social areas. Large windows and sliding doors on each floor ensure natural ventilation and lighting, and allow access to the grassy areas from every level. [Photography by Masano Kawana]