A multifunctional kitchen tool like this bowl and colander set can save you time and help you cook smoothly. Whether you’re making a salad or cooking pasta dishes, this modern bowl and colander set helps you easily spin and drain what later becomes your fuel.

The cool-looking Spin & Drain kitchen aid from Guzzini is what takes cooking time down and enhances your intuitive work in the kitchen. Maximizing your work in the kitchen, the Spin & Drain bowl and colander set uses the force of gravity in a subtle way. This enhances and speeds up the cooking and serving process, making your life easier.

The multifunctional kitchen aid has an innovative rotation system designed by Nilo Gioacchini and Criodesign. This ensures that gravity helps make everything easy and intuitive. The set consists of a container and a colander set that can be used together or individually.

The internal basket first collects the water from washing and then drains it, but it can also be used separately like the classic colander; for example, for draining pasta. The external container, on the other hand, is also a bowl that can be used at the table to serve pasta, salad, or to prepare dishes.”

The innovative gravity spin system is made from sturdy food-safe SAN plastic and designed to help you out on numerous occasions. The bowl and colander set is also dishwasher safe and measures 12 by 10 by 5-Inches. With an intuitive design, the Spin & Drain kitchen accessory helps you easily wash, drain, serve, mix and even defrost food. When you have unexpected guests, this modern kitchen aid helps you put together something to serve fast and easy. The outer bowl becomes a reliant serving bowl that you can take to the dining table. What is the dish you surely could use the Spin & Drain bowl and colander set for?