The Bray’s Island SC Modern II Residence by SBCH Architects is located in Brays Island Plantation, a private country club in Sheldon, South Carolina, USA. Its modern character is unveiled by a series of connected volumes, paying tribute to minimalism. Asymmetry is a main characteristic of the architectural plan, each point of view offering new and surprising geometrical shapes. Large expanses of glass connect every interior with the vibrant surrounding landscape, while ensuring an abundance of natural lighting throughout the residence.

A paved alley hints the way towards the main entrance,in the shape of a wooden door flanked by glass. There are several areas one can relax in: the TV zone surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and the armchairs next to the fireplace make for alluring places of refuge at the end of the day. The kitchen features state-of-the-art appliances and it is the only monochrome interior of the house. By harmoniously blending concrete, wood and glass, the designers completed a modern retreat where subtle diversity is shaded by the natural richness of the highlighted neighboring landscape. [Photography courtesy of SBCH Architects]