Onci Olimpia and Damian Alexandru designed and developed Garden Studio Timisoara in Romania. The project consisted of a renovation (and partial transformation) of a small house in a large garden. The owner wanted to change the house’s interior space and lighting, and convert it to a vacation rental.

The existing building, composed of three rooms and one staircase, was divided into two parts. The staircase area was transformed into a small, modern kitchen, with a wooden wall dividing it from the bathroom. The room next to the staircase became the unit’s main living/sleeping area. Renovation of the other two rooms will be completed next year.

Featuring a generous window overlooking the lush garden outside, the interior is characterized by a minimalist identity with a Scandinavian touch. The furniture was designed by the architects and manufactured in local carpentry shops.

The main attraction is a large raised platform that converts from a seating area to two beds; it can even be used as a stage. Pine wood was used to finish the bed, drawers and bathroom shelves, as well as a long bench underneath the large window.

What do you think of the remodel of this small garden house? [Photos and information provided by Onci Olimpia and Damian Alexandru]